I was a fox(I did it sort of a little )

Date: 4/15/2017

By jakevw19

There was this thing in the forest and I was there width the park rangers as well as two truckers, I was a fox as well, that was fun. There was friend I had (Who as a rabbit) it was a lady who was planning starting a website that was like a big message board for people with common interests. She was gunna show me so we both went outside and she was just running around and we played and I chased her around. Then she want into a snow pile and I thought (oh no there's gonna be a bear there) then there was. She was running and it was about to get her then I said/preformed a, world pause, then I want down picked her up and then resumed the world once we were back in the cabin. We snuggled for a bit then one of the people said someone was missing so everyone went out to look for her, some dudes used a drone and then it kept overheating every time that happened friend and I snatched it out of the air and covered it in snow then let it back up. Eventually it got windy and the drone crashed so I was helping fix the drone then I woke up.