Jail Dream

Date: 3/5/2017

By dreamer85

The dream started with me moving into a house with a few other people. It was like a halfway house situation but a jail in the sense that I was there as a punishment. I was introduced to the other people living there as well, which were all guys except for one girl. The girl was excited because her time was almost up there, and she stated that she had been there for 13 months. I jokingly said something about not looking at a calendar because it'll make time slow down. After I was introduced to everyone I was shown around the house, where I'll keep my belongings and such. After that I recall sitting on a couch very hungry. Suddenly I was outside going for a walk/run. I guess we were allowed some freedoms. This is when I ran into my real life friend, Barbara. She was disappointed that I was in this "jail" and wouldn't really talk to me. I went on to explain to her the reason I was in this situation. I told her my "crime" was picking up a stick, and breaking it over my knee. Apparently that was considered a threat? Weird, I know. After I explained how silly my crime was she warmed up to me. That's when I realized I had a curfew and seemingly ran in fast forward back to the house. When I got back, I realized I had no idea how to get upstairs since everything was locked down all the time. I pressed the buzzer and a guy started talking that I couldn't understand. Someone then opened up the door and began to lecture me about something. The end.