ww2 rocket with some old guy

Date: 1/29/2017

By torble

I was with this one old guy that took us on this weird ride that thrust us down a u shaped track and in the middle there was this cluster of some floating cotton that I guess was made to activate any bombs in case of terrorist. Then for some reason the old guy had an extra rocket booster from ww2. it activated it and we launched then he almost got arrested but didn't I woke Fell back asleep in the same weird ride place. There was this purple moving floor that moved and you had to stay standing on. I got on and asked me what my gender was. I asked they wanted to know thence I start sinking into the flour like some foam then my alarm woke me This one was before the first one but I had to get to this weird game parking lot but I had to ride a snowmobile up a way steep trail. The parking lot had video game characters and a little further down a trail was this little camping or charging station thing.