Murder Musical

Date: 1/30/2019

By jadenswartz

So instead of the school musical there was this free-for-all murder thing and I was on stage crew for it. I was trying to find a hiding place so I wouldn’t die. This whole fight thing was impossible to get out of and for some odd reason my bedroom was attached to the theatre. My closet door was a door to a little passage backstage. So I camped out in my room and when people broke my barricade I ran out the door into the hallway and darted the other way. I found a little exit and my step sister was there. She helped me get out of the theatre and drove away. And we ended up at some little diner and I saw a kid from school. For whatever reason I took his hat as a joke even though I hardly know him. He was wearing a fedora (ew) and I ripped it just a tad. And he got pissed and said “you better buy me a new one” and I said I could stitch it up easily but he rolled his eyes and ignored me.