Star Wars!

Date: 8/6/2017

By NiceDream

I basically dreamed a large chunk of Star Wars episode 8 and a scene from the upcoming Han Solo movie. The stuff I remember of episode 8: Finn and Rey are running through the desert, being chased by the First Order. They get caught in an explosion which causes Finn to lose his legs. He then crawls for miles until a ship lands in front of him with Luke & C3PO on board. Dramatic music plays. Meanwhile Phasma picks up Finn's lightsaber (apparently he's officially a Jedi now) which is red for some reason, and rides off on a speeder. Rey somehow ends up being taken to a big Rebel base where the Rebels are planning their next move using a huge hologram of a planet. Sun from Lost is there as well as my crush from work. Then young Lando shows up which doesn't make sense chronologically so I guess this bit is meant to be from the Han Solo film. Basically he stands in the middle of the room and starts throwing out cool things he's found on his adventures while everyone sings a song about how great he is. Young Han Solo (played by me) looks on, entertained but slightly envious.