Starbucks and being late.

Date: 8/1/2018

By carterhansen

2 dreams. 1. I was at my grandpa’s house for some event, and my uncle and I left to go get Starbucks. Next to the Starbucks was a church. The church was surrounded and covered by snow. My uncle accidentally went into the church parking lot. We backed out, and then we forgot about Starbucks and left. Once we got back, I was like, “Wait! We never got Starbucks!” So I then drove myself, my mom, and my old dog, Henry, to Starbucks. Leaving my grandpa’s house, my grandpa’s neighborhood became the neighborhood that I actually live in. In my neighbor’s driveway there was a white rat, and I talked to my mom about how the neighbors should pay more attention to their rat so it doesn’t get run over. Once again, we entered the snowy church parking lot. We went into the church. The church was actually a house. Inside the house was some random girl who was probably in her twenties and Liza Koshy. I was shook to see Liza there. I knew my friend, Alisa, was a big fan, so I got a picture. I hung out with Liza for a little bit. She loved my dog. We never ended up getting Starbucks. 2. I was on my way to work, but I was walking. I had plenty of time to make it to work though. The route I was walking was actually a real life route that I could use to walk to work. I check the time, and it’s four o’ clock… the same time I needed to be at work. I remember saying to myself, “That’s some Starbucks rage energy.” Then I woke up because it was too stressful.