Battle zone Love

Date: 3/6/2019

By grils_like_girls

I was in a platoon of soldiers, top of the line type, all waiting to be deployed out of this underground cement base. It was dark, and there was a dirt floor and some metal chairs. We were underneath a much taller public building. It looked kind of like a wide space needle, but with a museum in it. Then the door/wall to the base began to open and clouds of dust spun up into the air. That is when she struck. Twirling and dashing through the clouded air, I saw the killings. Our entire platoon. I was a new recruit. Kind of like an intern. She didn’t kill me. Then I was myself in a different turn of life. I was visiting the same building, a sort of monument protruding from a lush area of wildlife, strung high above the ground, overlooking the busy bustling city below it a few miles away. We were in a fancy gondola preparing to arrive at the monument/museum. Daisy was with us, and my mom and sister were somewhere. I couldn’t clearly see them. We arrived at the building, the top floor being a bustling market. We were there to visit friends. I was soon to be an intern. I took Daisy down a curvy glass elevator, but she kept teleporting to the bottom and so my mom took her and walked her away whilst I descended. I went down to the base of the stairs up to the museum. This all happened in the time it took for the shooting. She stepped out I knew her. I saw everything. She did not acknowledge it. We walked into the museum and found a group of my friends. They were hers too. I saw Sonya. I tried to move ahead to tell her what happened. The Girl was faster and stronger than we could have ever imagined. I caught her ear after rounding a corner and told her “she killed people, lots of people”. I wanted to warn her. We needed to get the Girl to headquarters in the middle of the museum. I felt bad for her, but I didn’t have that luxury. Once we were close enough, I kept down and hurried to the middle of the room. I told the officer. She walked me out of the building and into the garden. She told me the girls sentence. Setenta years on an island off of the country. I couldn’t believe her. 70 years? She nodded and I accepted it. She would have been a bad influence on me anyways. The officer gave me time to say goodbye. She was in the garden at that point I desired Her. I knew I would miss Her. I stepped up the rocks to be on her level. Then I kissed her. We kissed. I didn’t want to let go. I didn’t want to pull away. I held her. I could feel her lips push harder into mine. I wanted nothing more than to have sex with her. I wanted to press my body into hers and let our hands explore each other. But I had to let go. I had to pull my self away from the thing I most desired. Everyone was watching. My heart broke. I asked if I could visit her. The Officer said no. I let the officer take her away. I could still taste her on my lips. She was not innocent though. What was to happen was for the best. I knew that a seventy year sentence with no visitation meant only one thing. They were going to shoot her.