Kinda scary

Date: 8/17/2017

By kake00

The dream starts with me in. A log cabin with small sided walls but very big in size I find a door to what I assume is the lobby of the hotel(?) that I'm in a woman is standing outside my door with a tiger and the other door has other tigers in front of them and she lets the tiger into my room and comes to stand in the room with me. We talk about how the tigers are trained to be nice, and they aren't very trained to take commands they just go with the flow. This woman is a black woman with a brown/green trainer suit on with lots of pockets she has a curly pony tail, and a hat on with the company name on it. Though I can't make out the name. When she leaves I make conversation with the tiger that is now a person (I don't know why that didn't trigger a reality check but oh well) as the person, and I are talking the wall in the back shakes, and I hear a voice saying "I have found her" so I get a little freaked out and start to like get her to run, but she doesn't feel good so we just like go at her pace around the building and walk through rooms. A lot of attached rooms in the house/hotel. At one point nothing much is going on and we get to a room with my brother at it he is in the living room playing video games and the kitchen is next to it with the blind open a little And we see a big big dog outside so we think that's the thing that was coming for her but it's just chilling there not trying to come for us, and I was confused about him not wanting to come for us anymore. Then my alarm went off.