unsuccessful rescue mission to hell/ learning out of school is a pain in the ass

Date: 4/10/2017

By littleelf

Went to go save a friend of ours I guess that wad taken to hell to get fucked endlessly as punishment but by a huge dildo up his ass and me and a few others went to try to s save him but I guess the atmosphere was filled with sex hormones which made everyone undeniably horny and somehow made most dicks stupidly gigantic and I ended up unwillingly begging the guy we came to save to fuck me and I was insatiable I was ready to fuck him all day I guess. But then it transitioned to where we were ready to go home and we had to go through the stander symposium first and we had to fill out papers to show we learned stuff but the people we turned our papers in to basically like "for your major, you didn't put enough pictures on here like did you really learn anything?" And I got annoyed and disheartened bc I just wanted to go home and sleep and then my alarm woke me up