The haunted mansion

Date: 3/13/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am in a large house. It looks like the inside of the haunted mansion ride at Disney, but instead of being in cars, everyone is standing around looking at the paintings and stuff. The house is dimly lit. There are men and women in nice clothing staring at the decor. I stand with everyone else and admire the painting. I touch the wall with my hand for some reason. I turn into a floating blue and green orb that is now inside the wall floating. I keep going straight trying to find my way out. I see other blue and green orbs zooming in and out of the walls. They seemed panicked. I shoot myself as hard as i can against the inside of the wall and i come out on the other side. Im back in the room with all the people but no one seems to notice that i have disappeared and reappeared. I keep going in and out of the wall.