Weird first day of school

Date: 6/27/2017

By MarlenePsychom

Here's a little FYI, my school has students wear different color uniforms depending on what grade they're in. So I'm in 8th grade and 8th graders have to wear blue and 7th graders wear yellow and 6th graders wear gray. When I came to school, I had my yellow shirt on because I forgot that it's a new school year. Luckily, my mom had a blue uniform shirt in her bag. Then I went to the hallway, and I tripped and then the security came up to me and said "Stop messing around" and I was like "I wasn't messing around, I tr-" and he cut me off saying "You know what? I'm gonna give you a citation " (I don't even know what a citation is, my school doesn't give those out. That all happened in front of my crush and I was embarrassed. During lunch, all my friends were ignoring me so I went outside to the patio(my school has a patio where students who finished their lunch can go) and there was a truck with a pool in the back of it. Girls were naked and guys were pulling out their dicks. It was a giant orgy. There were like five people in the back who were just watching. Then I saw this guy come up to another girl and start rubbing her vagina and then she said "Don't put your dick in me, I'm a virgin" and he said "I can make you not be one anymore" and she said "No I'm saving my virginity until November 28th" and then he left. I then saw a car that looked exactly like a police car pull up and I thought we were all going to get in trouble so I left and went inside. Turns out, the guy was a random stranger who joined in on the orgy.