Date: 4/8/2019

By CocoFuze

I want to adopt, so I decided to adopt a brother and sister. I didn't know the boy's name, but the girl's name was London. I set up the room they were to sleep in. The siblings came after school and London needed help with her homework, so my husband attempted to help her. He then came to me, asking if I could help her because he didn't understand anything. I went in her room where she was and hugged her and looked over her homework. Everything was already filled out and her handwriting was good for someone so young (I think she was like in Kindergarten or First grade). I read through the homework to see if there were any mistakes. London started playing around with the snacks and lunch items in her bookbag. That's when I noticed that there was food not in sandwich bags in her bookbag. I told her that I would be right back and to hang in there. I went to grab some bags and extra snacks, when my husband wasn't looking and started back towards London's room. My phone rang and I saw that it was my mom. I answered. I went to my room to put some snacks in my snack bin. I was talking to my mom about how absurd it was that London had unbagged snacks in her bookbag. I then told her when I was doing. My mom wanted to be sure that I was taking the snacks to London and not trying to keep them all for myself. I assured her that I was taking the snacks to London. She then asked about London's biological dad's visitation. I assured her that he only got visitation Sunday evenings (her biological father was evil). Then I heard a lot of voices on the phone and our call ended. I went back to London's room and bagged up all the snacks and helped her with her homework.