The German word for sexy

Date: 8/20/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I've shown up to a check in table, but I'm rather late. It's for a German class, which I haven't taken since high school, and many of my high school classmates are there. I can hear them reciting words and stuff in German, and singing the birthday song. Frauie's voice is the same. Hurriedly I try to scribble my name on the sign in sheet and slip in unnoticed. Except that I keep spelling my name wrong and missing letters and I'm feeling like such an idiot and trying to fix it but only making it worse. Then I have a test I have to fill out. Some are questions that I do alright on, and then there's part where I have to translate several words which are Stop Lodging Conscise Sexy I knew "stop" really easily, but the others I hadn't a clue. I still couldn't write properly and ended up crossing everything out 20 times before getting them right. I was really distressed that I couldn't remember the German word for sexy. Woke up with "I don't Care" by Fallout Boy stuck in my head.