Feel good dreams ❤️😻😍

Date: 7/10/2017

By madnewman13😼

Dream 1. My crush and I were getting into a deep and good conversation. A girl in my class who seems to like him tried rudely interrupting our conversation and trying to kiss him. He pushed her away. She did this about twice. Usually they are both kissing in my dreams and I feel jealous. But this time he was paying more attention to me! I felt good. Dream 2. I was leaving somewhere for a while. My crush and I were alone in my home saying goodbye to each other. Apparently my family was waiting down the road. We were by the coffee mug shelf next to the entree way. First we gave each other a nice hug. After all we are best friends so why not. Then we leaned in until there was no space between our lips. He gave me a passionate kiss. It felt so real. And so we said our goodbyes and I left. ❤️💕