Date: 8/4/2017

By Maffiwip

We lived underground, like in City of Ember. I was a prisoner to someone. I could walk around the city but really I was trapped. I belonged to someone. I worked for someone. (Bunch of stuff I can't remember) On a boat, going through these huge caves. I don't think we (me and other "prisoners") are supposed to be on the boat. Maybe we are escaping. The city lied to us about what's outside. I've dreamt (dream me remembers dreaming) about the sky since I was young, though I had never seen it. I dreamt about space, clouds, the sun, birds. Everything. We realize the boat is no longer in a cave, it is outside. It's dark out so we barely noticed, and then burst into tears when we saw the sky. The stars. We cried and weeped at the glass. Eventually we end up on a bus... and our owners have found us. They somehow make it seem like they've brought us out here on purpose. (Think of pres. coin in hunger games saying all Katniss' ideas were hers all along) We are too weak to fight, to distracted. It's sunny, we get off the bus at a farm. There's a man that has an insane amount of dogs. They're all nice, but they make them all smell us. It's been made clear that if we run away, the dogs would find us. They're nice now, but they could chase us down and bring us back in no time. I begin thinking of ways to escape anyways. There's no way I'm going back. Once I step off the bus I'm awestruck by the plants and sun. The sun is hot, the wind feels amazing, I cry as I run my fingers through the leaves of trees and touch the fruit. There a white fluffy fruit on one. We sit in a circle and they begin weaving stuff, but I'm too busy crying and imagining getting away from these toxic people. Feels like I'm the main character of a weird book. Flash foreword and I've managed to run away. It's dusk, I get to what seems like a war zone or battle. There's stuff piled onto the bridge so I cant get through to the main city. I try to surrender so they know I'm not their enemy, but one shoots me in the leg. Eventually someone comes and picks me up and brings me inside, realizing I'm just a girl with no uniform or guns or anything. I don't feel the pain. They take me to someone, a leader or something. I'm not really with it. Apparently I'm a type of vampire because there's light that really hurts. Maybe what I thought was sunny before wasn't that sunny at all, but I couldn't tell. Is this why they were keeping us? I didn't want to eat them or anything.