the book store

Date: 6/2/2017

By Tjika

I was in a shop that is not a bookshop, but stuff for in the house, which suddenly changed into a book store while I was in it. I read all the backsides of the books and wanted then all, because a lot of them were new parts of series I've read. Some were manga's, but most of those were based on anime's I'd never seen, so I didn't want them. The books were unfamiliar to me too the more I looked at them. I wanted to buy three books I'd chosen, but suddenly they were three differrent books. I went back to franticly try to find them back or something else I wanted, but couldn't find anything anymore. The more frustrated I became the faster the time went. When it was 9 pm I had to go home, but still didnct because I wanted these books. I tried summoning them with some kind of magic, because I was too tired of reading all the books, but then I woke up.