I had 4 dreams: the army (of children), an awkward mall date, and a just Horrifying love story w Zac Efron

Date: 7/25/2019

By ItsABlackCat

1) My Dad was a general in this army made of like 14-16 year olds. But like we knew what we were doing. Me and Jordan were in his squadron. We were first in the woods, making camp using a kayak. Then we got excited, dad said we were getting picked up by an emperor to fly over to our base. I think it’s a sneak attack, tho, and I tell everyone else, saying stuff like ‘the plane is a normal plane but it has the symbol of our enemies’ and ‘the emperor was supposed to be busy, why did he call us but didn’t even give us a reason why we had to come?’ Etc. Me and JC have same dream that we share on the plane, which is number 2. 2) Me and Jordan were in a mall with some ppl. A really shy, awkward dude asks me to walk to a store w him. Offers to buy me stuff etc. he’s flirting and I don’t know how to break it to him that I’m not into it. We get to a store and I grab JCs attention (who happens to be there) and ask her to help me. She just laughs. So then in the store, I find a bathing suit I like and try it on in a back room. When I come out everyone’s gone. 3) Scary dream, sort of. Opens with what seems like a trailer to a scary movie. Zac Efron is the main character, a dude who’s in love. He loves this girl who ends up dying. He continues to love her ghost. Star-crossed lovers kinda thing, they’re so in love she comes back from the dead to love him. Her bones are in the wall, he goes to touch them to bring her back. However he I s stopped by a werewolf guy (good looking and darker) who doesn’t want the girls ghost/WHATEVER she is coming back. Opens to a scene where Zac is laying down, facing straight ahead at the camera, guy is crawling over him and whispering in his ear. Cuts again and the guys head is just below the frame, where Zacs crotch would be, and since both are shirtless it’s assumed he’s naked. And also that he’s giving Zac a BJ. Because Zac is moaning and everything. Mom comes over and says ‘scary movie?’ And I nod but really I’m just trying to find the gay part again. Bc why wouldn’t I. 4) I’m somehow inside of 3. W my brother, sister, mom and granny. We start in the house, and try to stop Zac from bringing the girl back. But we r too late, he gets her bones. We go to the backyard (which is somehow our backyard, even tho it’s at the haunted house) and we’re facing this tall thing that’s horrifying. Long neck, mask-like white face that has unidentifiable word painted in black letters on it, spider-like body. It’s long neck has a dirty, but colored striped scarf, but all the colors are dark and it’s way too long since it’s neck is huge. It’s about as tall as the cherry tree in our yard. It ends up going for my brother, I try to stop it and chop at it w a machete but I’m just a second too late. It doesn’t take him for good but it gets my brothers ghost (somehow it converts him to a ghost) and uses him as a hostage. I remember saying ‘they didn’t get him for good, but he’s a Del Die’ (I said it like that) and it meant ‘She’s taking him Hostage’. I don’t even know Spanish. Idk what that means but in the dream it meant she took him hostage.