zombie land

Date: 4/3/2017

By 1sana123

I am travelling in a train ..the train stopped in middle of a grassland .People started running in direction of platform .i ran away in grassland there were some houses .people were peeping through it but not allowing me inside one of the person said there are zombies all around and v suspect that u are infected...i felt pity for people's fear and i asked people who can protect us from this ...they said that there is a boy its better that i meet him.i met him without any fear in my eyes . he was living in a small dark room he shut himself down..i knocked the door he was kind of protective towards me .but i was disappointed because i proposed peoples protection and he rejected .i decided to be on my own .and wandered across the barren land .i saw a science lab it is well decorated for birthday .but then i saw dried blood on people .the scilence in that room was screaming like lot of things happened.in backyard i saw zombies.i ran away