angry uncle and a caged mermaid

Date: 1/9/2017

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was sleeping on a black leather couch. It belonged to sochi, my brothers coworker. She was letting me stay in her couch cos apparently i had nowhere to sleep or go cos i was kinda homeless. She had an abusive ex boyfriend named jeff. Someone entered the room i was in and disrupted my sleep. It was a man and he said he had a best friend named jeff. He asked me if i liked him and i shook my head no cos i knew it was sochi's ex and i had to stay on her good side. Then my uncles came in and i got up to greet them. My grabdpa approached me and help up a sleeping pill that was oddly shaped, and some money. It was 7 dollars. I put the pill away in my pocket. Then one of my uncles tossed me my school report card with straight Fs. He said "look at this mess." So i guess i was homeless cos i was a bad rebel or something. Then we stood in a circle and that same uncle looked at my shirt and asked "is that a band?" I looked down to see it. There was a print of a rock band on it and the words "love" were above it. I said it was a song. He ignored me and said "that looks like a band" rather rudely. I nodded and said "yeah thats a band" then he got mad and said "the singer looks chinese" he was trying to mock my taste in rock or someshit. So i said "thats racist, how would you like it if someone pointed at a picture of you and said eww he looks chinese" be got all butthurt and got closer to me. He was all like "im gonna put you in a ward" so i was like "you cant, i refuse, i'm an adult and i dont have to go if i dont consent" i honestly sounded mature af. He didnt have anything else to say like the lil bitch he was so he was gonna move to hit me but then my other uncle stepped in between us and said " your crossing the line buddy" so he just shook his head angrily and left. Then my grandpa told me not to be a hardass, but i was like "shut up old man you think i'm gonna take your sleeping pill? I know you did something to it" and my good uncle laughed and was like "damn i feel for her future kids" but in a friendly playful tone. Then the scene shifted and i was a mermaid stuck in a camp in russia with huge fences around it. I wasnt allowed to leave. I had legs and everything but i didnt have a voice cos i was out of the water for too long. A man was keeping me in there along with other prisoners. Somehow i managed to climb over the fences with the help of a kid and i looked down the mountain to see the sea. Even tho i wanted to go back home i was kind of scared at the ocean. The waves were thrashing hard. But i knew the bad guy who was keeping people prisoners there was after me so i jumped. My tail grew back once i was in the water and my voice came back too. It sounded like ariel, from the little mermaid singing. Then i was talking to some other people about that horrible place in russia. Then i woke up. Cant believe i remembered all this shit