A Most Interesting Game

Date: 6/19/2017

By LadyLuna321

it starts with a friend holding a controller. The simulation he controls is lifelike in almost every way. His small, frail Avatar walks to the center of a forest and up a hill. There he encounters another friend's Avatar and battles to the Death. He loses, but his Avatar is revived. He scoffs and continues to bash his head against my friend's stronger character. What happened next was incredible. The space between Game and Life completely evaporated. My friend's got up and became their characters. Their fights seemed to take eons, but none of us aged. They flew through the sky, each tims they killed each other coming back less Human and more something else, eventually looking more and more like Lesser Gods. One was a green and glowing suit of armor that materialized energy blades, and the other a man in business casual attire who's fists shot blue fire with every punch. Their clashes shook the very Earth itself, eventually expanding to the rest of it. They leveled New York, Mumbai, Most of Europe. They consumed the planet in divine conflict, it eventually exploding. Then the game was over. My friend in green had won. So I woke up.