Giant gummi heart

Date: 8/23/2017

By pretzeling

I was in a big Halloween store. I was walking around looking at the price of everything. I didn't want to spend too much money. I found a selection of snack items, focusing on a giant gummi heart attached to an extremely long, perhaps 8-ft, veiny gummi rope (or perhaps intestine rope)? The whole gummi candy was bright, electric blue in color. It looked a delicious blue raspberry flavor. However, I saw the price tag: $29.99. Way too expensive! However, without conscious effort, my hand tore open the package and I chomped a segment off of the gummi rope. Now I was freaking out because obviously I would have to pay for it. Trying to look casual, I slung the remainder of the gummi rope over my shoulder like a fashion accessory, hoping to bide some time before I had to pay. Eventually someone just toon pity and bought it for me. This segued into another dream I REALLY wish I remember better. It featured a cult classic "bro movie" in the vein of Fight Club, The Hangover, etc. All I remember is that the film starred two guys. I was basically watching clips and reading the most famous lines from the movie that dudes like to quote all the time. I'm pretty sure they were totally nonsensical, though, and that one was about mashed potatoes.