shroom trip (not a dream)

Date: 8/23/2019

By JernsDreams

hey all! this is isn’t a dream. i’m currently tripping on shrooms and wanted to document my experience. clouds are super crisp, the sun feels so warm and inviting, i feel the breeze pass by every piece of me, the music is beautiful. i’ll update later in case anyone cares. hi i’m back, everything is so overwhelmingly beautiful. this banana i’m eating is so intensely good and the colors so beautiful. i can see every detail of the banana, on the fruit and the peel. i feel so euphoric. i feel i’m on an island but it’s really just my blanket in the grass. chat soon. xx was just looking up at the sky and the clouds were moving in patterns. i was looking off in the distance at the purple flowers. they are so beautiful. i just asked AC to pick me some. he’s coming back now and the flowers in his hand are radiating with color. the purple flowers are so soft, there’s little fuzzies so small and comforting, they feel so soothing on my fingers. when AC was talking to me i wasn’t retaining anything he said and it felt like the letters and words were just bouncing off my brain. I’ve never felt so safe, sitting here in the sun on my blanket in the grass. i just got more bananas, the music is beautiful, the wind feels nice, and the sun oh so warm. i can’t stop feeling the grass between my fingers and the breeze between my toes tracy chapman has me feeling some type of way every time i close my eyes slowly, i can feel the inside of my eyelid slide down my eye ball i’m coming down now. i feel very relaxed, calm, and happy. AC and I are smoking now :)