possessed Girl

Date: 2/13/2017

By sana

We are walking in a vast campus ...there are 2boys and 1girl ....i guess its afternoon and the couple are fully involved in each other ..the boy next to me is looking downward and smiling and sometimes gazing roughly across the canteen ....3 of them bored me, my eye caught a machine which is under repairing by some students i got curious ...i made an excuse that i have to go somewhere and need to depart frm here ...everyone insisted to drop the couple near the gate, afterall its only few steps ahead .. when we reached near the gate,there is sudden change in scene inside that gate whole region was forested area ..the boy near me got so amazed by seeing the flying squirels .which jumped from one branch to the other .then something happned to the girl who was with us, she started to jump from one branch to other ,non stop ...i grabbed her she was in my arm but she was looking up towards the sky with bulging eyes, viens of her eyes were visible .she was murmering something .her hands were fallen dead .I was looking at her , she was in my arm .