lucid fistfight

Date: 11/27/2016

By figen

I am in a park. I realize I'm dreaming. I do a reality check, but it doesn't seem to work. When I pinch my nose I can't breathe through it. But I am confident that I am in a dream anyway. For some reason, I want to fight someone else in the park. I start trying to fight this guy walking through the park, but they knocked me down and pinned me just by standing on me. I notice there are yellow arrows going down his leg. Once I got up I kept trying to punch him. My punches were really slow and weak. The dream feels like it's ending. I get knocked down on stomach. I can't see. The ground feels like my aquarium gravel. I feel a fistful of it and think about how realistic it feels. I remember that feeling the ground can help stabilize the dream. When I get back up, everything seems normal, so I guess the stabilization worked. The guy is still there attacking me, so I summon Kung Fu abilities. I expect to unleash a flurry of punches, but it's only moderately faster and stronger than before, which is disappointing. Luckily, it's enough to beat him though. When he's on the ground I think of what to do next. I slice off the top of his head just for fun. He dies and I feel a little disturbed. So I put the top part of his head back on him and will it to reattach. It does and he seems fine. I think the dream ended then.