Chernobyl, fish, and spiders

Date: 6/20/2019

By emte

I was out near a lake in the wild. I had plenty of scuba gear, and had huge amounts of metal powder that I needed to isolate and purify the heavy metals like lead and uranium. I had a few silent coworkers, but they mostly just mirrored me like shadows. I had the idea to use the fish in the lake to purify the metal. At some point in the wilderness, I stuck my hand in a hole and something bit it. I knew right away it was a black widow, because of the pain and swelling. I put all the heavy metals in the lake, and all the fish were eager to eat it, assuming it was food. They all died while I was swimming around. I remember hundreds of fish, some 2 feet or longer, slowly sinking around me, with sun rays shining on all the bodies. At the bottom of the slightly silty lake, there was multiple feet deep of dead fish of all types. I knew the fish with the heavier metals were at the bottom of the stack, so I took those ones, as they had more pure heavy metals in their belly. The entire dream, the bite on my finger was getting more painful and swollen. I kept telling people about it but no one cared. It got to the size of a golf ball.