storm shelter hideout

Date: 7/2/2017

By sabby

told to go to the storm shelter at the neighbors and find this shirt. it's underground and when I get down there it is huge and there are others there. I had thought it was a secret place. meet these two people. The guy is big and has his shirt off exposing his white chest. The lady is a short attractive black lady. he is being flirty. she suggests we have a three some. she then leaves and I go looking for that shirt. I then get a vision that she goes home and freaks out about her suggestion and imagines herself burning in hell. later I'm going to school to be a teacher and run into Donna. I can't seem to be able to write. it's very upsetting. I finally manage to write my initials after my paper is done. I go out into the hallway. I wander around in circles feeling lost when I finally see writing on the wall it has my name and Donna. I then see her running toward me. we hug and then I wake up.