zombie science

Date: 1/21/2017

By crowlings

So it started off like in third person and I was like observing in this room with a bunch of other people. We were sort of like scientists. So the person I was sort of watching what was happening out of was this girl named deleta. There was another one who was this bald dude and then there was another girl named peony. There was also another girl but I don't remember her name. So we were in the middle of a deserted town and we were all living in different houses and there was this one house in town called the pad and another house that was really nice. So one day we learn that there's this evil scientist lady who wants to take over the world and wanted to test her idea here and just take the house. So she injects the nameless girl with this thing and she turns into this zombie with purple hair. But she looks like the scientist who injects her. So then I freak out and I'm super paranoid but the bald dude doesn't believe us. So later he gets turned into a zombie with green hair However (at this point I change povs and now I'm peony) I get trapped in the pad and now they are thing to bite my neck. I avoid them for a really long time but then the scientist comes in and I get bitten. So now she only needs one more : deleta. But deleta manages to turn me and the other girl back. However something happens and we lose the other girl. So now we have forgotten that the bald dude is a dude so all of our attempts to make him remember who he is fails. Finally I compliment his hair and he remembers that he doesn't have hair so he gets de zombied at this point the scientist has escaped and we really want to run away so the bald guy ditched us to go in his motorcycle. So now it's just peony and deleta. Deleta then changes her name to eleta. We are sitting in the attic of the pad trying to figure out how to escape when we realize that the scientist has sent more zombies. There are two guys running from them and their names are Matthew and Trevor. The problem on that 5 zombies are coming to bottom door while two zombies are coming in through the two doors in the sides of the attic. Then we see this thing that we had used before to escape and it's like a slide. So we go through there and come into the front yard where the two guys are fighting of the zombies. We help a bit then we all jump into the van. We drive off and the guys tell us they hav be a car at the scientist festival thing. So we go there and there's a panel of scientists who answer your questions. There we are like why not. So we go in the line. Then on the side of the line there's this boy who give me this powder thing that look like broken makeup but he said this is a gift for the judges/scientists. We realized he was a zombie by himself so he couldn't attack us since ft here was so many people. We refused it and he then whispered to us. "Well that's a disappointment seeing as it would infect all the scientists. And wouldn't that be awful. A bunch of useless scientists" so as he says this he turn to the family in front of us with two little kids: a girl and a boy. He gives the girl the powder and tells her to give it to the judges/scientists. So then he goes away and we go to the girl and try to get it from her but she refuses and her family gets mad at us. So we have to watch as the little girl eats it and gives it to the scientists. However she only gives it to two scientists. Almost immediately they go crazy and like zombies. So we run up to the table and tell them what happened. One scientist is this blonde haired lady and she gives us headphones and equipment to try to figure out how to help. She then tells us she will get us transportation right then. But when we look she is driving away so we curse and scream at her. But then we see her coming back... With two cows following her. The cows were our transportation. Then that's all I remember b