Bats and water skiing

Date: 8/20/2017

By ispeakofdreams

The second part of the pool/ 21 pilots dream. I was with em and Justin and we had boated over to la battes (carols creepy cottage) except it was on an island and there were several old houses. We had trouble docking the boat on the awful dock that was sinking in the water. We went exploring the island and I think it was haunted. There was creepy half rotting zombie? Bats everywhere like stuck on the walls of the house. Then this guy and his family came and picked us up on his boat, I think it was Ben B's fam. The boat was incredibly fast and they were all water skiing. I was too scared to ski. Then I ended up at Ben's cottage with him except there was a beach and a separate small cottage. Apparently we had to wait there till they came back in the boat. In my dream I knew that Ben and I's fling was already over but we went into the small cottage anyway. I think we talked about stuff but I can't remember. Then we started to kiss and he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and we really made out it was so hot. His face didn't really look like his face tho