Horror and idiots.

Date: 1/30/2017

By billy6549

my brother and I ended up in our house, (That being said it was much more of a maze. There were.dark hallways and a lot of keys. these keys had a visual jumpscare tied to them it is actually a repeat of a nightmare I had before. but this time when I got to the point where we were in some kinda supermarket/office.building there.was a guard who yelled at.us to leave, apparently this area was off limits to "civilians." after that we were at school and it slipped some.days and I was being watchful when at my dinner table I overheard a conversation about someone being hurt and humiliated. this ended up having me get the teachers to.give everyone a crystal to protect themselves, but there weren't enough for everyone.i went to the hallways and it was similar to my school irl. that's about where the dream ended.