Travelling incidents

Date: 7/11/2019

By Aswinn

I was travelling with my parents in 2 different vehicles me in a bike . Later i got chased by few dogs and got escaped i stopped my vehicle at some place further got down first it was a goodown like place in the left side of the road with no people around after 2 min the road was full of children boys and girls leaving their schools. When i return back to my vehicle it was no longer a bike it was a red innova with childrens inside eating my packed food items . They spoke a different language of mine from somewhere came my driver . I scolded the boys i told to repay for my food 1 promised and went the other rejected took him to his school for no reasons. When i entered the classes where still going the boy took me upstairs with difficult curvy steps which the boy walked easily i walked to the office the peon comes to know why iam there the boy vanishes.