Repeat of a Vacation Field Trip Dream

Date: 7/6/2017

By itsliz

I've had a repeat of a dream I had a long time ago. Some class I was in was taking a field trip in some cricket old white bus, and we had teams of four randomly chosen for us and I think this class comprised mostly of students from my high school class. I had to sit with my group and the only guy I remember is a guy named Brady who had curly messy dirty blond hair. We arrived at some resort known for giving fun to high schoolers and there was a competition. In our groups of four we had to steal pillows from other groups that they got for some reason like maybe someone grew up or learned something or won some contest or realized something they never knew about themselves before. Things like that. Somehow I had SOME sentience this time and decided I'd try to flirt with Brady for whatever reason. Everyone put on their swimsuits because the first part we needed to do was head to the pool area and listen to the rules before getting started. Skip to the pool area. It's a big place surrounding the hotel. The front right, if standing at the door and facing outside, is where we were to be. The pool was big and went around the front right corner and there were stone bleachers along the furthest part of it for students like us over the years to sit and listen. The flooring was white and the water clear with no litter and students all around needing to listen to some teacher I can't remember. Sitting next to Brady and my team, we were talking quietly trying to plot over how to get pillows while the rules were being said and this time around I wanted to be more daring in grabbing them. We finished plotting and listened to the rules but without hearing them. In my case it was because we were all so close and I was at the edge of the bleacher seats so Brady was leaning right up against my shoulder and thigh. I had no reason to feel it, but I felt like we were BOTH conscious of this and not just me. I talked to Brady just a little, trying to catch his attention but then the rules finished and the teacher said to have a good and safe time so we all got up and students were starting to have their fun as music started. Not long were we sitting there before the dangerous and fun part started. Animals were running wild in this and sitting down lower on the bleachers, we had up to our hips in the water and there was a pink parasite in the water comparable to a leech. I saw 1 swim by and it attaches behind my knee but I lift my leg out of the water and take it off and squeeze it to death. Another one swims by but I stand up a little and it avoids me as I watch it go for someone else but then round back to me. It's short lived because I hear people yelling excitedly and I look up to see waves coming at us like something was being pulled very fast in the water, which turned out to be 4 polar bears. I immediately got up and headed out of the way and out of the water. Wanting to show off, I took off saying I'd get us a pillow even though I didn't know exactly how. I took some steps to get up to a balcony and peered over the side for only a moment before a pillow appeared right in my face because of someone holding it up and saying they got it for finally applying makeup? I think it was Nash. Either way I reached down and plucked it from her hands and RAN before I found out if they'd chase me although I feel like they weren't. I ran towards the back. A fence stood between the front and back pools that's easily opened but it was to keep the dangerous animals inside. The next pools are for the polar bears and that's probably why no one followed but they already went out. I jog along the edge and go to the next pool directly behind the hotel that rolls around to the left of the building and that's where the tiger lives. I see it swimming and think I know better from the last dream that I can't make eye contact or get in the water. Someone closer to the front of the building is standing there warning me of the Tiger and that it has to be distracted otherwise it'll come for me the closer I get toward the front. I apparently don't care and keep going. This tiger is territorial and so I hop into the water, knowing it'll come after me. I have a plan and dive under the parts of a diving board structure as the tiger comes barreling at me, but can't get through the winding metal poles. I go out the other side and make it to the front with the pillow and I guess it's time to skip. Me and my team stashed our two pillows somewhere, not that I can even begin to know where, and the next scene is a great dining hall with a small conveyer belt on the center of each long wooden table. The ceilings stand tall with maroon walls and extravagant chandeliers and most of the walls are tall windows with not much light streaming in since it's apparently mid dusk. The rules this time were that cooked dishes from everyone would go along the conveyer belt with names attached and if you eat their food, you're asking for a date. I decide not even to pay attention because no one will take my food cooked by my mom, which was tinga with large boiled chicken chunks as well, and don't bother going for Brady's food since I figure he won't want to go on a date with me. I glance back to see who got what, and realized one of my team mates grabbed my plate but he explains it was just to eat and the food was amazing although he didn't eat the boiled chicken chunks. I said, "You enjoyed it but didn't even try the big chunks of chicken?" "I guess so. don't know why I didn't eat it," he says. "Dude that's rude and they're good," Brady says as he takes some chunks to eat and I hope that it means he might be willing to go on a date even though he didn't have to eat the food to compliment my mother's cooking as he looks at me with an encouraging smile. Another small time skip and scene change to where most students are gone, possibly outside or to their hotel rooms, but me and Brady are heading into another long room that follows into another dining room. This room is apparently made for employees to make finished touches on dishes before bringing it out. I suddenly get a strike of terror in my heart hearing something I don't remember which has to do with my mother coming here -- thankfully not my real mother as I get flashes of witchcraft and cruelty to tell me this isn't a good place to be right now. I think Brady asks me what's going on, but I don't hear it and grab his hand and pull him to a tall cupboard that has just enough room for us to crouch together at the bottom as I do my bet to close it, but it's not long enough so our knees keep it cracked a little as I peek through the crack with wide terror-filled eyes. Another time skip to where we're in our room for the whole team. There are 2 beds since my mind can't comprehend coed rooms where guys and girls are involved is a bad idea. I'm standing with my small suitcase wondering what's going on as the guys suggest 2 of them sleep in 1 bed and the other sleep on the floor. I'm thinking that if Brady ends up sleeping on the bed next to me anyway, I can possibly accidentally end up turning into lying against him. But then I wake up before a decision is made.