50 Cent

Date: 2/18/2017

By bytedown2000

I often wake up from my dreams and fall back asleep just to continue that same dream. I'm not sure if that's normal. But, it's cool only when you're having a really good dream. It sucks when you're having a nightmare. Anyway, the 1st part of this dream started as a lucid dream. Meaning, I knew I was dreaming so I was able to manipulate my own actions and have fun. What better place to have fun in your dream than the Amusement Park? Right?!! Well, my dream was going well until I lost my girlfriend and my youngest son in the Park crowd. Apparently, they went into one of those live shows that they always have at those Theme Parks. They left me outside the Theater entrance holding all our valuables. Camera, cell phone, wallet, and car keys. Understand, at this point of the dream I'm still pretty much in control cause I know I'm dreaming. However, I make a vital mistake. I decided to take a nap while I wait for my family to finish the show. Huge mistake. Never fall asleep in your dream! When I wake up I realized that I've been robbed and the dream is no longer a lucid dream. Now I feel helpless. I struggle to find out who robbed me. It's impossible because there are too many people. I remember waking up from that dream worrying about my credit Cards and replacing my drivers license. I'm up, and glad that this was just a dream. So, I go back to sleep just to end back up at the Amusement Park. This time I'm with a larger group. My friends and their wives are all there. Somehow we are all there on business. Apparently, we are the group responsible for booking 50 Cent to perform at the Park. He performs and the show was a complete success. So my friends and I are celebrating. Then, '50' calls my friends wife. She talks to him and passes the phone around so we all can talk to him directly. He's impressed with our promotion skills and wants us to coordinate more shows. Why does 50 Cent sound like Mike Tyson on the phone? Anyway, we are super stoked. But somehow my friend's wife and I get into a huge argument. I can't remember what we were fighting about but I had a few choice words and told everyone that they could leave. Well, everyone did leave, including my own girlfriend. Feeling guilty, I finally found all my friends on the other side of the park. Inside a huge tent...they were all celebrating my friend and his wife's wedding. Like the honeymoon they never had. It was a surprise celebration and I had ruined it. I finally got the nerve to apologize to everyone for my rude behavior. I explained that I had no idea that we were invited to attend their honeymoon. Anyway everyone accepted my apology. I shortly wake up thinking the Amusement Park for a honeymoon? Cheesy, but kinda romantic if they love roller coasters. I guess.