Confusing Dream

Date: 6/13/2017

By Anazeyha

In a building, probably a school. I was walking and met one of the members of my favorite boy bands. I tried to take a picture with him but my camera was being slow so he told me to take my time. We started walking on a hallway while I was clinging onto him. I then dare this girl, who is a character that I imagined from a book to corner another girl on the wall. She comes back laughing. Scene changes. Now in a classroom. I'm flipping through my music binder trying to find something. I hear my name and look up to find a friend, Justin, talking about me to a cute guy. Cute guy mistakes me as his teacher as we have the same name. When corrected, he laughed and approached me, resulting in a long blurry conversation. The teacher then announces that we are to perform some type of code in front of the class with our group. He calls people until it was my turn. After I'm finished, I go straight to my seat and flopped down on it, then lying down on two seats. Another of my friend came out of nowhere, beside me. I put my legs on her's as we started talking about the member of my favorite not band. Teacher then calls out and say that those students from these two teachers class can leave. Everyone cheers until I remind them of one of the teachers as no one liked her. They calm down and there's silence. They look down, eyes filled with hatred and depression.