strange new world

Date: 6/9/2017

By sabby

It seems we underground now as there is no outside. Very crowded.All the young people are mingling, all healthy pretty kids. My family is New here. during dream I change from being daughter to one of the parents. The daughter gets taunts from both the girls and guys. She has long blonde hair and the guys seem interested in her. She's nervous around all these kids. seems everyone has had some kind of cosmetic surgery. the powers that be want everyone to be perfect and feed all of us well. our living arrangements are out in the open however. sex is a big deal here. one reason the daughter is nervous. the guys are very aggressive. there is one area where some older ones have sex all day. There is some kind of powder they roll around on. They don't look as pretty, most are thin and look kinda emaciated. On the upper level are the elders, like a men's club, they just sit around and smoke cigars and drink. There doesn't seem to be any jobs here. I'm feeling like a prisoner.