Scary mansion & holiday

Date: 3/30/2017

By mysticmusic94

So in my dream I was at school but it was actually a room in a mansion. I was with my friends then some lady came out of the room next door and my friend goes "Oh yeah just put him in the basement." The lady had my friends brother in her hands. I immediately felt guilty that she was going to let the lady put her brother in the basement so I said "no its fine ill take him" so then the lady let him go and him and I started playing hide and seek tag in the mansion. I remember this one room was a huge fireplace and it was really creepy. As we were playing I stopped in this room to put on St. Patricks day clothing because apparently it was around that time. The room was identical to a room in my grandparents house. I put on the clothing then hid in that room. After he found me the dream started to transform and now he was gone and I was in another part of the mansion that also looked like my grandparents house. The sun was setting super fast so the room was almost pitch black and I was scared to death. I pulled out my phone flash light and then I started looking for the clothing I dropped in there. After I found everything I turned on this tv that was in there and it was some weird show so I tried turning it off but it wouldn't work. Then I realized it was plugged into a computer so I fixed that and got it off. After that I woke up. While I was in the mansion i was pretty scared and the overall feel of the mansion was haunted or deserted. It was creepy! Also had a dreamt that I had some infections and then in another short one I was talking to my friend G.