Dream Van Life, Flower Magic, Lover not a Fighter (😀🍄☮️✌️🌸🌼 it's actually less hippie but these were true themes)

Date: 7/11/2017

By Fitful

In the dream, there was a dream I had. In the first I was living in a van. It was a nice van, large and spacious in the back, I think it was brown and plainly painted. It was just a van. I never left it, not for month, and it sat in my Aunt and uncle's driveway, or the street beside their shop which was narrow enough to be a driveway. It was in the city, and the bad part of town. I woke up to find my Aunt sitting with me and I stretched lazily and told her about my dream, noting I never told someone about my dream when I first woke up, but I just wrote it down. Instead I told her in the dream I had dreamt about my uncle not liking me living in the van and the stores in the area surrounding the van getting beautiful paint jobs, really they looked amazing, and the nearest corner store became this shiny car dealer shop, with hundreds of shiny cars parked inside the tiny place, simply going back and back and back. ~ Back home which has was a nice Victorian house in a sweet neighborhood. Not too suburban, just enough to be still quaint and older, but maintained. I lived with a severe looking man, very tall and thin, with pointy precise shoulders and nose, and piercing strict eyes. My mother was his sister. But i didn't call him uncle. He didn't like me much, and was plotting to get rid of me somehow. I was plotting too. It was a lucid dream, except I didn't know I was awake. I just was imaging and daydreaming whilst creating the dream around me. I plotted to give him magical flower powers, he could make flowers grow now just like me. I thought perhaps if we had something to bond over. But I ordered a poster, and a few things to arrange a flower power reveal. And the post messed up my order. They left packages on the lawn, and people to repair (the electric?) kept coming by the house. They pointed my packages, which I was waiting by the door impatiently for, were outside with my name on them. It was actually printed in large letters. I got them and didn't have time to open them. ~ I did take them with me however, the package of a poster. It was one I had ordered specially. It was of something pop culture and also spiritual. I was wanting in the waiting room, feeling uncomfortable. It was a waiting room where all the girls there had sex with the men they serviced. It was like a nail shop, only each chair was sex instead, and it was low key. Just a waiting room really. I felt uncomfortable, I watched a woman absently while I thought about it. When she began having sex I looked away and even turned my body so I wouldn't be tempted to look back. She was done rather fast then came up to me, hostile and aggressive. She challenged me for having stared and thought I was disrespectful and wanted to fight. Took my quarters out of my banana purse (not a dream component I really have a banana coin purse) and my money and gave it to her man. Then kept she trying to instigate a fight, even when I switched waiting areas. Both of them followed, he didn't do much but hang back as she tried to pick a fight with me pushing. I finally felt myself begin to push back, engageing in a fight which would escalate, and grabbed her, arm then hand shoulder face, gently and looked into her eyes, trying to get my message in. They were wide and dark and staring innocently almost, reminding me of space without any stars. I told her to stop, stop, I didn't want to fight her. If i had been staring it's because I love her as a person who is loveable. I didn't know her at all but I was trying to convey how I felt about everyone, despite what they do in life which I find distasteful. I actually got through to her, either that I was a lez, or that I was really approving of her, if not her job. She paused for a long minute, then, hugged me. Afterwords I had missed my appointment with the doctor. I dont think it was an, I am sick, appointment but one of getting some paperwork done. My poster which I had left in my seat, had gotten taken into the doctors office, and she was gone for lunch for 15 minutes. I tried my house key automatically and the new secretary on staff thought I was a doctor. Instead I sat down with another official lady who returned some of my packages and scolded the three of us for our "disturbance". I was assured a soon as the doctor returned I would be allowed to see her first.