Morbid gospel

Date: 7/19/2017

By gwomack101

My family and I were heading to a Christian concert/convention. It starred on live television and started with testimonies and reading scripture. I brought my cat in the stands, and a shy girl from school was sitting with me instead of my family. Then for the concert part, a familiar face everybody knew was doing a screamo. He was allegedly a local murderer that killed many of our neighbors that "has been forgiven". His music didn't seem to have any redemption in it though. And in his stage set, was a bedroom and the same smiling guy in the bed, standing up, and by the lamp of somebody he murdered. These settings of his stage always changed and included the faces of people he killed(there were women too). It was terrifying , so I grabbed my cat and left. As I was leaving, the front door woman caught me taking a few plastic rings I thought were for the children but weren't apparently. She made me give them back because they were for the women apparently. She was so rude and I sassed her back. So I met my family in the hotel room we shared with two random strangers. One was in our bed and the other was in the other bed. So we collected our things and left through the window. We moved our stuff in the bottom floor hotel room(through its window) which was completely empty. Once we were in there with our bags, two regular looking church girls came in our room. I forgot what they said to us but they definitely seemed like they were going to hurt/kill us. So my mom shut them down by saying,"well thanks for the checkup!" And they left.