{1 Dream} This Guy At This School (Tue May,30 2017)

Date: 5/30/2017

By Sorrnin

I am at this school, I am wearing this puffy light blue dress and its backless, with tights and for some reason a wig. This is the school uniform. I am on my period and I am leaking down my leg and I go to the bathroom and no stalls are available. Then I go to another part of the bathroom and I see two guys, one of them I know is a player and likes to have sex with all the girls but he has never had sex with me. He is just talking to the other guy about how he is looking for his next partner to have sex with. Then I can feel him looking at me as I leave that part of the bathroom and then he gets up and comes up behind me and puts a hand on my back and leads me into the part of the bathroom we both were just in and lays me down on the floor and I say I am on my period is that ok? He stutters and backs up and says your period? Um I just remembered have to do something and leaves. I am disappointed because I wanted to have sex. Then the principal guy comes in (I am sitting on the floor) and he sits on the floor with me and says to me my clothes aren't right and I say I don't like this dress and I take it off, I don't like this wig and I take it off and I don't like these tights and take them off and I am just in my underwear and bra. Then I start singing about how I don't like the clothes at the school and people are following me as I sing and walk and we end up in a store and I sing how about you guys pick out stuff too. Then I wake up.