Dance club weirdness

Date: 3/29/2017

By jmeltzer

I dreamt that I was at a dance club where the DJ group Dada Life was performing. But before we went to the club we stopped by McDonalds to get milk shakes or food or something. Either way my food came with a milkshake but it wasn't filled up. It was self serve. But since I forgot to get mine the self serve machine locked back up and I needed to insert money into it again to get some. I decided to skip it as I couldn't find any money and we headed to the club. At the club we were actually watching a performance of Beauty and the Beast, the stage play/musical, and as it came to a close I was tasked with taking a picture of the cast. So I did. After the cast left, the music came on and the club scene was set. We all started dancing and moving between the very small dance floor and the bar in the back of the club. My friend Matt Singh was there and he was holding this awesome milkshake drink with a piece of cake in it that seemed alcoholic. I was slightly jealous since I didn't get my milkshake from before. Right before Dada Life took the stage the music changed and we thought they were coming on but there was this dancer who came down off the DJ booth area and jumped into the crowd instead. The music was for him to start dancing and he started to do what appeared to be the initial steps to breakdancing moves but he never actually did them. The dance floor kept giving him more and more room to do his supposed breakdancing moves on the incredibly limited in space dance floor, but he never did them. My other friend Alex Kim for a moment was about to join the dancer but we told him to back off and give the dancer some space. We eventually all just started to crowd the dance floor and start dancing together again. One of the "bros" in the crown kept shout telling people very loudly that he was going to climb the Matterhorn tomorrow. Which greatly impressed everyone in the club. I took out my iPhone to take pictures but my phone could apparently flex open, like if you were flexing out silly putty to make it larger and wider. I made my phone concave so if I dropped it, it wouldn't land on the screen, and I was tasked with taking a picture of everyone again. I moved back as far as I could to fit everyone into the frame and on the count of three everyone said Matterhorn and I mostly got the shot. I think some people were hidden because there were so many in the picture. Then they all went back to dancing. I'm not even sure if Dada Life even ever came out to perform.