Love Camp, Movies, and Wisdom

Date: 5/14/2017

By LionFoot65

Im in a golf cart with my friend This little black girl that I think is cool tries to steal money from me as a way of teasing me which I don't mind lol. Help my dad create a garden This weird demonically possessed looking guy tries to trick my dad and I tell him not to trust him. I go to what in my dream is called Texas State but it actually looks more like a summer camp cabin style place which is really cool. This beautiful girl who's name I forgot is naked, pulls me in and we start pleasuring each other so that I'm fingering her and kissing her body. We stop for some reason and then I see this other sexy guy with cool tattoos starts pleasuring her and I see that she is enjoying him as well. They stop and she seems sad because he might have done something to hurt her so I go to her and comfort her and kiss her cheek because I think she is really beautiful when she's sad as well and we start pleasuring each other but this time with more love. I also remember telling her that I'm okay with accepting that we might not see each other again and that I really loved spending time with her. We (everyone in the cabin) watch this weird movie of people being mean to each other and turning into worms that eat other people? Then we watch this anime of this sexy female samurai seemingly killing this really bad samurai by cutting his arms off but he pretends he's in trouble and kills her instead by somehow growing his arms back which is really sad because she's crying when she dies. I'm sitting in this chair at a round table with a group of friends and my friend Kylie is talking about how her boyfriend Zion cums on her sometimes and explains what kinds of things they do when they have sex lol. I see a lady named Kat who's older but still preserves a lot of her beauty in her smile and she's on top of this stair/ladder in the side porch of my house. She talks to me about several things then tells me how to get down without dying because the place we are on is about to fall. When get down these kid monks are practicing this fire performance which nearly burn me lol. I start talking to Kat again as we start walking through my garage and I start asking her if she knows anything about being able to see chakras and energy flow through the body the way some Shamans can but she walks through the door and shuts it on me before she answers me and when I open the door she's gone which I guess is a sign that I'm not ready to know yet lol.