Lucid Dream with Miley Cyrus in Heaven on Mars

Date: 6/23/2019

By nucleardonuts

I dreamt I was in heaven June 2019 18 and older only, whoever reads this SHOULD NOT judge the writer, rather, they should look at everything as an artistic expression I want to preface that this was a 40 minute dream most of which involved walking around. It began as a nightmare, a million eyes staring at me, floating above my current bed. Feeling like my soul was being sucked out through my mouth from me sleep paralysis frozen body because I accidentally said my soul could be taken if someone wanted it. I prayed to all that is good that I would just float through the bottom of my bed and be able to fly around like my other dreams where I could fly and float through the walls of empty cities. Soon enough, I was falling. I was falling, but I was falling sideways. I could see an orange dirt and tons of city and buildings. I ‘fell’ so long that I compared to looking at the buildings below like looking from an airplane. Except, the buildings wouldn’t stop, like the population of this thing was probably like 27 Los Angeles’s. With the orange dirt I thought, what the hell, did they put heaven on Mars? (for this next part of the dream I haven’t grabbed a boob in 3 years) Next thing I remember, I’m walking in some kind of parking lot(the parking lot had red dirt, suggesting that I’ve landed in the place I was falling from which is Mars I think, I might have forgotten landing since I’m writing this in the morning) and a weird like 2 person van the size of a motorcycle, kind of like a motorcycle with a roof like a van, (The vehicle doesn’t exist in real life) it pulls up and Miley Cyrus says hey to me and says our minds are connected. In real life, I pretend Miley Cyrus is my wife in heaven. So I think of here like watching down on me sometimes and you know it’s a nice fantasy/escapism type shit. Anyway, she says our minds are connected and you don’t know what that means but, I did. I walked in the back door of the kinda roomy back area of the van, the back could only fit one person. And I could reach and touch her boob and I mean I really felt it, Immediately She lifted her head, She then said words I don’t remember, but I . We talked a lot but I could only remember her saying really that our minds our connected. She was so turned on when I touched her boob, and that’s when I knew this was a special dream because in this moment I could feel her entire body with my hands and we were full on doing it. Have I mind you, we’re still in the parking lot. And people see us, I accidentally tasted her pussy while there were cars staring from the left of us. It didn’t taste bad... off topic, I remember she was wearing a bikini. And I felt the bikini in the dream, that’s all that mattered. And what the hell, it was Miley Cyrus’s freaking body I was inside. With her talking to me?! Sensational. I wish I could remember more, like the conversations we had. We got out of the car, and I had my own personal Alfred. He was getting my car. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I truly believed I went to heaven and had sex with Miley Cyrus.