Date: 3/13/2017

By HumptyDumpty

The setting was at the usual spot in school where we spend reviewing before class starts. Though with some changes because it's in a dream setting. Instead of just chairs and a table, there's also a shelf containing books and several PS4 games. In this dream, the PS4s are sponsored by the LSG so that students can play for free while waiting for class to start. However, these PS4s are also like PSPxNintendo type so they're easy to carry. I don't know why I called it a PS4. I arrived early so I had nothing to do and when I looked at the shelf, there was an available PS4. At first I resisted the temptation of playing but gave in and immediately got the PS4 and looked for something good to play. I spent a good deal of time looking for a game (there were many, but the titles were mostly what I had in my bookshelf). When I finally got to pick one, it was then that people started arriving. No problem since I got the PS4 all to myself. Then for some reason, I had made a physical movement that released some poop I had been holding in for a while. It was wet poop so I put the PS4 in my pocket planning to play while pooping and rushed to the comfort room and sat on then nearest toilet I could find. The comfort room was weird because some toilet bowls had cubicles while some was just there for you to use and everyone to see. And the comfort room seemed to be unisex because then Henry and Janna was there, and when they spotted me, they came over and sat beside me (on the toilet bowls). I didn't seem to mind that they saw me sitting in a toilet bowl with my pants down. After a while I told Janna to please get me a bowl of water because I really need to poop and wash my bottom. She casually obliged. And stood up and got some and handed it to me. I told them sorry for the smell but they didn't mind and kept chatting. Then, Joy Viado (a local comedian celebrity), came in and chatted with us. I told her I knew her from several movies but then she got angry because she said she wasn't in any movie. I got confused because I was positive she starred in movies. After a while, I finally finished pooping. And woke up.