Beach/Western Bar

Date: 4/18/2017

By ace200

I was in Delaware at my beach house, but it was bigger. I was with a bunch of girls and this lady said if we did not get a certain amount of sleep, something bad would happen to us. So, Aly C (who was there)and I found a place to sleep amongst all the girls. We set alarms and prepared to sleep for the time needed. Once done, the idea seemed to disappear and I woke up to my mom making breakfast of muffins, fruit, etc. Since we were in Delaware, we were going to go to the beach for the day. Aly C came with me with my mom while others girls went with other people. We parked on a sandy lot and then had to walk a sandy road. We saw a big red owl flying above us and then I got in a fight with my mom. --- I was then at like a western bar. A cowboy was taking a two day journey by horseback and apparently I was too. I traded some of my stuff to get a saddle and stuff. My sister was coming too so I was fending for her. The cowboy wasn't very nice and rough to us. I tried to order food at the bar, but they only gave us water.