Awkward sleepovers

Date: 8/21/2017

By ispeakofdreams

For some important reason I had to sleep over at my ex's place for two nights, and so did my best friend Alysa. In the dream I knew his house like I had been there many times even though it looked nothing like his actual house. He had one big bed and I didn't want to sleep next to him so Alysa did and I slept on the floor. The next night we all slept in the same bed and I hated it. I was so angry, like why can't he just sleep on the floor? Then it changes to my cousins house except my cousins Mel and Stacy from the other side of the family were sleeping over there. They were really sweet to me. The very last part of the dream alysa got out of a car and was holding two fluffy adult cats. She said they really needed homes so I said I'd ask my mother