Nightmare Creepy / Killer Boyfriend

Date: 7/3/2019

By AnnieWin02

my nightmare was over a really long period of time so like at the beginning from what I can remember I was dating this guy and he was like super awesome and nice and then like ya know I really liked him and stuff but then like as time progressed, I saw more and more that he was literally insane and like idk somehow I think I asked him about it without him getting offended and he started spilling all these details about how he had killed like sooooooo many people (35 if I remember correctly) while we had been together and I was like “I love you but I really can’t let you get away with killing all these people like I’m going to call the police” mostly cause the way he was describing the murders was with a very obvious fondness. It was like he was in love with like brutally killing people. And he was like “oh really? You are gonna call the cops on me? I don’t think you can do it.” And I told him I would and he like got on top of me and like pinned me down and like licked my neck like in a super totally not good way and then like got up and sprinted out of the house. So then flash forward like idk quite a while and im married and a teacher and I have kids. So min asleep in my bed with my husband and the old boyfriend just appears next to me and he wakes me up and is really upset about the fact that I didn’t wait for him and I was like “I’m sorry, I didn’t know where you went”, and he was like “that’s no excuse you should have waited for me, I loved you.” And I was thinking like oh shit. And I noticed that my husband actually wasn’t next to me (this is when I started realizing that this was a dream) and it was kinda like a broken record or something started playing in my dream cause it was repeat me finding my kids brutally murdered, my husband murdered, my friends murdered, him being next to me when I found all these people just grinning authentically, a flash to somewhere in the future of blackness but someone said “rape but she’s hot” and the killer boyfriend being like “ikr”, a flash to when he said I loved you, a memory also in darkness where I just heard myself say “yea it got so bad that the principal told me to sacrifice a feeble kids to him in the hopes he would leave us alone” and i meant the principal wanted me to leave kids the killer boyfriend could easily take and kill, a flash to a time in the past where he was sitting in the desert alone talking about murders to no one, and then when he like pinned me down and licked my neck. And those flashes went on and on and I couldn’t be get out of my nightmare.