bf got caught cheating, heavy rain, towel

Date: 9/19/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was at my boyfriends house and it was a bit dark. We were on a couch under some covers and he was naked. I was wrapped in a shower towel but naked underneath. We started kissing and i was about to get on top of him to do it but then some kids came in. Apparently they were his, and they were all excited. I was confused and he was just hiding under the covers. Then a woman came in through the door and smiled at me and was asking me stuff. I was so confused cos i didnt know what was going on but then i put two and two together and angrily tore the sheets from his face. I said "thats your wife??!" And he just guiltily slid out if the covers and crawled butt naked into the hallway, like he was trying to escape. His wife must have been blind or someshit cos she wasnt seeing him so i looked from her to him so she could follow my gaze. She did and she screamed, freaking out that he was naked with me. I ran out of the house in tears, really hurt that i didnt know shit about any of this and i could hear him arguing with his wife inside. It was raining heavily and it was cold. I only had a blasted towel and it was slipping off. I saw a man standing outside of the house and i ran into his arms to hug him and cried in his chest. I was saying stuff like "its all my fault, i shouldn't have stayed!" Which makes no sense. Then i woke up. Very emotional dream.