Cowchop crew

Date: 2/24/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was in the cowchop crew and I had an amazing idea for videos. And I told James I would replace him as director cuz my video ideas were so good. In the last episode Aaron was tricked into drinking really spicy hot sauce. So i promised him that wouldn't happen again. We were all really excited for the new video. Scene changed and there were these lights outside and the light bulbs needed to be changed. My brother demonstrated to my sister how to change them safely. And she was like duh I know this already. Scene changed and I was at this place with my mom. They had shrimp and she started eating some. I didn't like the shrimp and then the dream ended [ Before I went to sleep last night, I watched an episode of cowchop,I changed the lightbulb on my lamp, and I made plans to go to a sushi restaurant.]