Skipping Graduation

Date: 12/6/2018

By caitlynm14117

I skipped graduation and drove with my grandmother in her car to this big building in the middle of nowhere. The parking lot was basically deserted except for two other cars of people that were also skipping graduation. We went inside (don’t remember what happened). When we were ready to leave, we decided to go out this side exit which included a lot of ramps and stairs and then we had to go through this field to get to the parking lot. When we got there, we saw that someone had blown up her car and the other two cars because we hadn’t gone to graduation. When I told my mom, she was pissed the car was blown up and that me and Grandmother hadn’t gone out the front entrance and caught the guy who blew up the cars, so she made us (me and my mom) go back there to trace the exit route me and Grandmother took. I remember when we went there were a lot of Hispanic children playing around in the building and on the exit ramps and things. Then the scene changed and I was standing in the doorway of a classroom. The door was situated behind the desks so no one could really see me unless they turned around. The teacher was my religion teacher. My boyfriend came up behind me and grabbed my boobs when the teacher wasn’t looking and I said “dude don’t let him see” and he said “oh it’s fine only Bradley saw” (he’s a guy in our grade). I remember the way he knew he saw us is because Bradley stamped his leg.