Epic Lucid Dreaming Odyssey Episode one

Date: 4/23/2017

By Snark_Hunter

I was in a state of sleep paralysis, and my first thought was climb out of my body and through the roof, so I pushed a flap up and discovered some secret rooms. It was daytime, maybe late afternoon or evening... I was on the roof, but I wanted to climb higher, and I climbed quickly up a steel ladder, about twice as high as my house. I was very careful not to touch the TV antenna or any electric wires. I came up to my dog, Rosie, and followed her inside the attic window. There was a giant slide, very steep, like one at Phillip Island, but when I went down it, I didn't feel much adrenaline. I was still completely lucid at this point and I decided to invent a story in my dream. Guenevere, from the TV show Merlin told me that Gandalf needed me to fly the eagles. I met Gandalf and told him that I was a sorcerer too. Suddenly I changed character again and became Bill, the doctors new companion. There were three TARDISes outside my house. I wanted to enter David Tennant's one, but it was locked. I met Peter Capaldi's doctor and went into his tardis, which was realistically bigger on the inside. I explored lots of other rooms in the tardis including a museum of detailed artifacts, and even a news room. I saw something on the news about a 14 year old boy dying or something. I did well to maintain my lucidity throughout this dream, and I walked into a darker room, but I felt a strange eerie presence there, like I was very alone, only being watched. With this thought I quickly rushed back to the main control room where the doctor was. The doctor pressed a button and we began our journey to middle earth, where the narrator in my dream said the next episode will be set, as if my dreams were an epic series.