Evil Dad and sausage dog

Date: 5/26/2017

By Maffiwip

Moved somewhere new ish. My dad is evil, atleast everyone thinks he is. I make some new friends. I get a wiener dog. Something bad happens to the dogs body and now it's like.... it's like all the meat ground up and put into a vaguely dog shaped casing. He does missing and I have to find him. I'm scared. I think we're at the old cheese factory. The guy downstairs tries to tell me something but my dad and I drive away. There's a "scene" I'm not in, with these people talking about how evil my dad is and all the terribly things he's done, including whatever happened to the dog. They're saying that they believe im not involved in whatever he's doing, that im good and not to blame. At one point I cry to my dad, asking if he really does all these terrible things. I tell him I love him but I need to know. He brings out these weird sculpture things, like experiments. He's made contraptions out of my old art. He's not really evil. He has good intentions but it's a grey area. Sausage dog was an accident, his assistant ran him over so my dad did what he could do to keep him alive. I told him it was cruel to make him live in a bag, not able to do anything. I forget how, but then I'm begging someone to fix the dog, like a wish. I ask them to make him better so he doesn't have to live like that anything. I bet them and they magically make the dog a dog again.